Writing a void cheque bank

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Writing a void cheque bank

Nov 13, 13 comments I heard a promotion on the radio about a one-year free membership with zero dollars initiation fee at GoodLife with certain restrictions and conditions.

I went to GoodLife to discuss the restrictions to the front desk and they told me to speak to the "manager". A young man years of age with no job title approached me. We sat down at a near by table and the first question he asked was what I do for a living and whether I am with an association or a company.

My association offers a competitive rate, however I wanted to try out the facility for a "free year" as per the radio promotion before signing up.

Therefore, I came in regarding one promotion and I receive something completely different. To receive my association corporate rate, I would need to pay them directly. Therefore, I do not have to deal with GoodLife for payments.

He then asked for my cheque information and claimed, "not a dime would be taken", since I would be dealing with my association and not GoodLife.

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He informed me this information is necessary to activate my membership. I was reluctant to give that information since I found it unnecessary and said I would bring it in tomorrow when I receive my orientation session. The next day, I spoke to the same sales rep. He asked for the void cheque, and again I fed him the same lines as yesterday.

I reminded him about my association fee and he said oh right as if he forgotand continued, but I still need the cheque information to open your 12 month contract membership.

As a result, everything we discussed 24 hours ago didn't register and now he's giving me new information we didn't even discuss! I said thanks but I'll pass and he tore my membership contract with this rude look on his face.

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After the "void cheque" incident yesterday, I did my research and this website really helped. I discovered this didn't just happen to me but to others alike. Please share your story on this website to help others save money and avoid headaches.To void a check, write the word "VOID" across the front of the check.

See what to do if you don't have any checks, and how to get a voided check. When you set up automatic payments, deposits, or investments, you often need to provide a voided check. Your bank information is printed on each check, How to Void a Check. Important: You can cancel your cheque by crossed two lines and writing cancelled on the cheque or bank can cancel on your initiativeblog.com this, it will be useless.

1. If you do not want to Pay through Cheque If you know that the person who is getting payment through your cheque is cheating with you. Void cheques If a cheque is damaged or you make a mistake when writing it, you can write VOID across the cheque and record a void cheque in AccountRight.

Reversing a stale cheque A stale cheque is simply a payment recorded in your company file which won't be presented to the bank. Click on the link called: Print void cheque.

An image will be displayed of a void cheque for your chequing account showing your bank’s number, transit number, and account number.

It will have your name and mailing address show.

writing a void cheque bank

Direct deposit is the ultimate in convenience. No longer do you have to worry about losing or misplacing your paper check, rushing to get your money in the bank or .

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void cheque 1. A check that cannot be deposited. In order to void a cheque, all one must do is write "VOID" on the face of the check, preferably in capital letters.

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