Target market for dog food

Summary Pedigree is part of global food manufacturer Mars. In the UK, it wanted to demonstrate that love of dogs is at the heart of the brand by backing up its beliefs with action.

Target market for dog food

In he founded the Iams Company. Paul was convinced pet owners would pay more for a better product and came out with its first premium dog food, Iamsin While this increased the market share and sales of the company, it diminished their credibility and loyalty to the consumer.

Inspired by a visit to a mink ranch, Paul Iams was convinced that dogs were in need of a higher protein, higher fat food than was commercially available. Iams noticed that the dogs in the mink ranch were exceptionally healthy, with beautiful and shiny coats.

This became the thesis that separated Iams from every other pet food brand.

Target market for dog food

ByIams teamed up with to find loving homes for more than 32, orphaned pets. The company increased the awareness on pet owners of a good, well balanced pet diet and continued to successfully brand their product among their key demographics.

InIams came up with an improved brand, Iams Plus. As a result of Paul Iams development, the new food was both high in protein and low in harmful minerals, giving them a lead amongst their competitors which seemed to have ignored that at the time. With many ups and downs, the company continued a successful career throughout the years.

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The ownership and marketing strategies changed a few times, giving the company a bit of an identity crisis. Iams was first conceived as an elitist pet food brand not to be sold at supermarkets, this is evident in their marketing slogan: Gave Mathile opportunity to buy 50 percent share of the company.

Mathile bought a quarter-page ad in Dog World magazine and promoted the product at dog shows.

Target market for dog food

The new campaign tried to reach the millions of pet owners that adopted animals from shelters. This has led to multiple boycotts made to the company, threating their reputation and credibility within its market.

Iams is also a company that although offers premium quality products fails to compete in prices with cheaper brands that are sold massively in several grocery stores around the U. T trengths hreats The Iams Company focuses on being sensitive to the needs of their internal and external customers and they guarantee to fulfill the promises they make.

Also, they try to be environmentally responsible in the process. Another important strength is that they support community betterment for the mutual improvement of the communities where they operate.

O The Iams Company is constantly threatened by lower-priced brands available in the mass market.From fresh & frozen food to everyday essentials, get the store to your door today. Same Day Delivery Get next-day delivery on the things you use every day for just $ Nov 21,  · Find the latest dog, cat and companion animal food market trends and news from the editors of Petfood Industry magazine.

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