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Tamil Nadu exceeded limit in Andhra Pradesh tried to exceed limit in which was again stalled by high court.

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Jun 06,  · The Statement of Objects and Reasons of the 77th Amendment Act noted that quotas in promotions for SCs and STs had been discontinued after the November 16, judgment in Indra Sawhney and Others vs Union of India and Others (Mandal case), in which the Supreme Court observed that reservation under Article 16(4) — which allows the state to Author: Ananthakrishnan G. The Delhi High Court has quashed the Centre’s office memorandum dated August 13, , by which it had extended reservation in promotion to SC and ST staff beyond five years stipulated by the. The Mandal Commission, or the Socially and Educationally Backward Classes Commission (SEBC), was established in India on 1 January by the Janata Party government under Prime Minister Morarji Desai with a mandate to "identify the socially or educationally backward classes" of India. It was headed by the late B.P. Mandal an .

Rye provision which are to be required to be made for them for the fulfillment of their stats s by giving equal opportunity in the public employment. ONES report till Toppled due to the defeat of e general http: After that then Prime Minister V. From various Pl sees anti Reservation movement rocked the nation for 3 months.

They issued a stay order till the final disposal of the case on October 1, To show cause the criteria upon which the GOBO. But in spite betaking several adjournments the GOBO. In this case the court framed the following issues: Whether Article 1 6 4 is an exception to Article 16 1 and would be exhausts eve of the right to reservation of posts in services under the State?

If economic criterion by itself could not constitute a Backward Class UN; Article 16 4whether reservation of posts in services under the State, based exclusively economic criterion would be covered by Article 1 of the Constitution?

Logion of India 6. Or could such provisions be made by an executive order?

Will the extent of judicial review be limited or restricted in regard to the i notification of Backward Classes and the percentage of reservations made for such classes demonstrably perverse identification or a demonstrably unreasonable Perl tag?

Whether the matter should be sent back to the Figured Bench? Small P pup and Mr. Raw assisted by a battery of layers appearing for the petitioner: According to thumbwheel be dangerous and disastrous for the rapid development of the Indian society as a whole marching towards the goal of e welfare state.

They also contended that the identification of Cubes by the Commission on the basis of caste system is bizarre and barren of force, much less exposing hollowness Therefore, the MOMS issued on the strength Of the Amanda Report which is solely based the caste criterion arc violate of Article 16 2.

Secondly, the report was not solely based upon the caste criteria but three other factors are also considered i. Fourthly, if the recommendations of the Commission are implemented, IL would result in the substandard replacing the standard and the reins of power passing FRR m meritocracy to mediocrity.

Fifthly, it will be in demutualization and discontent and that it would revival e caste system, and cleave the nation into two forward and backward and open up ewe vistas for internecine conflict and Pissarro forces, and make backwardness a vested i interest.

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Sixthly, the argument that the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission would result in demonstration of the meritorious candidates AP appearing for the public employment. Eighty, the arguments criticizing the Report is that the said Report virtual Ill rewrites he Constitution and in effect buries 50 fathoms deep the ideal Of equality an d that if the recommendations are given effect to and implemented, the efficiency of admit ministration will come to a grinding halt.Case Presentation On Indra Sawhney & Others Of India When our own Constitution was framed the framer of the constitution made a special provision with intention to provide equal opportunity in the public employment to all the citizens within INDIA.

Print article indra sawhney others vs

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Related titles. law (1) Shamsher Singh Summary. INDRA SAWHNEY v. UNION OF INDIA AIR SC Ankita Dhar II – B d3e44Indra Sawhney Others vs Union of India. Uploaded by. Harshita Bisht.

Tarun Tejpal Anticipatory Bail Application. Uploaded by. NDTV. · Periakaruppan Vs State of Tamil Nadu, in this case, the Court held that a classification of the backward classes on the basis of caste is within the permissible limits of Article 15(4), if it is shown to be socially and educationallu backward.

On January 1, the JANATA Government headed by the Prime Minister Sri MORARJI DESAI appointed the second Backward Classes (By a Presidential Order under Article of the Constitution of India, the first Backward Class Commission known as KAKA KALLELKAR's Commission was set up on January 29, and it submitted its report on March Oct 27,  · Share Article; PRINT A A BARELY HAD the ink dried on the recent reservation judgment in M.

Print article indra sawhney others vs

Nagaraj & Others versus "We do not think the Author: The Hindu.

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