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Concepts of Professional Nursing. Semester course; 2 lecture hours. Provides a foundation for all clinical nursing courses. Content focuses on professionalism, professional nursing values and health care delivery The core competencies identified by the Institute of Medicine for health care professionals are introduced as critical components of professional nursing practice, and selected concepts related to these core competencies are emphasized.

Course activities are structured to establish effective professional behaviors and learning strategies useful across one's professional career. Technologies of Nursing Practice.

This course introduces the student to the study and application of skills and interventions basic to nursing practice. Content focuses on the development of cognitive, psychomotor, affective, interpersonal and communication skills to become effective members of the collaborative health care team.

Students will learn how the concepts of nursing process and evidence-based clinical decision-making are integrated into practice. Myvcu are provided for practice and Myvcu of selected skills in the laboratory and in clinical settings.

This course emphasizes techniques for the safe acquisition and management of patient information. Health Assessment for Nursing Practice. Enrollment requires admission to the School of Nursing. This course builds on the biopsychosocial sciences and focuses on development of knowledge, skills and techniques necessary for history-taking and physical examination in adults.

Students are introduced to the nursing process and diagnostic reasoning skills are developed through analysis and documentation of assessment data. A laboratory experience provides opportunities for students to integrate communication and problem-solving skills with the health assessment process.

The course focuses on the healthy adult patient and emphasizes the diversity of patient populations in health care settings. Semester course; 3 lecture hours. This course focuses on data management and use of information and technology to communicate effectively, provide safe and effective patient care and use research and clinical evidence to inform nursing practice decisions.

The course emphasizes information literacy and its application to nursing practice and effective health care delivery.


Foundations of Professional Nursing I. This course explores historical and contemporary trends influencing professional nursing practice within the U.

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The research process and analysis of research studies are emphasized. Foundation of Professional Nursing II. This course focuses on the impact of regulation and accreditation on safe patient care delivery.

The course emphasizes concepts related to professional nursing practice and explores selected internal and external forces that influence health care delivery.

Students will evaluate current nursing practice within the context of previous nursing education and professional nursing standards. Upon successful completion of this course, proficiency credits for prior nursing education will be conferred.

Semester course; 3 credits lecture. This course focuses on core concepts of population health. Socioeconomic, lifestyle, environmental, genetic and other major determinants of population health are examined. The importance of collaboration with populations and other health care professionals is highlighted.

Welcome to myVCUmail (Students) Use this site to learn about myVCUmail powered by Google for students. Office Office is a set of advanced email and collaboration tools being used at VCU Health. For help, contact the VCU Health Service Desk at () Rated among the nation's top professional graduate programs, the VCU School of Pharmacy is at the scientific forefront in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics, and Medicinal Chemistry education and research.

Nursing of Adults I. Semester course; 3 lecture and 90 clinical hours. All prerequisites must be completed with a minimum grade of C. Focuses on adult and geriatric patients with acute and chronic physical illnesses that have relatively stable trajectories.

Provides theoretical and evidence-based foundations for nursing management and related therapeutic regimens. Emphasizes clinical decision-making and technical skills in the provision of care to adult and geriatric patients in a variety of health care settings.

Examines the health needs of women across the life span with an emphasis on the health needs of the childbearing family.

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Applies nursing process, theory and research with an emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills in the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to health needs of women, neonates and families.

Practices clinical skills and applies theoretical knowledge in selected ambulatory care settings for women's health and post-discharge care, and hospital settings for antenatal, intrapartum, post-partum and neonatal experiences.

Examines health care needs of children within the context of the family system. Focuses on application of evidence, nursing process, communication skills and critical thinking when providing nursing to children.At the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry, we share a commitment to oral health care education, research, patient care and community service.

For more than a century, we have served as the commonwealth of Virginia’s only dental school, preparing men and women for successful careers in private practice, academia, hospitals and . Technology Services at VCU, serving faculty, staff and student IT needs. Undergraduate Program. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology curriculum reflects the discipline's major functions — scientific research, teaching, the helping relations and evidence-based practice, and raising philosophical questions about the assumptions, values, and ideals of human beings and their societies, which reflects psychology's .


To be considered for admission to the School of Nursing, applicants must. Have an earned bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing from a regionally accredited college or university.

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