Medical student essay competition 2014

Neuroscience to Neurology ! Our conference is open for anyone with an interest in neuroscience and the mind, be you a scientist, medical student, psychologist or an interested member of the public.

Medical student essay competition 2014

MSTP student wins prestigious biomedical research award Honor puts this future physician-scientist in very good company David Hartmann took the top prize in the Lasker Essay Contest for writing about a social media campaign that would allow patients to describe how biomedical research improved their lives.

Photo provided Mikie Hayes hayesmi musc. Known as a champion of medical research, she founded the foundation and worked tirelessly both to raise funds and increase public funding for medical research. Her favorite saying was "If you think research is expensive, try disease!

In addition to the three main awards it bestows to established biomedical researchers, the Lasker Foundation created the Lasker Essay Contest in to engage young scientists in discussions about the role biomedical research plays in society today.

This year, the foundation posed a timely question to the participants: According to Andrea Helling, a representative of the foundation, the competition was fierce and students who entered proposed innovative and thought-provoking approaches to promote science using social media.

Then he was shocked again, he admitted, laughing. To actually win it was a real surprise. It feels really good to have won, but it was a real shock. He thinks that bodes well for future writing projects. Hartmann explained what motivated his intense passion for research. Both had potentially lethal cancers — bladder and melanoma, respectively, which about a decade ago were erased by the advances of medical research.

That to me was poignant evidence for the merits of research that I think anyone can appreciate.

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The essay outlined a social media campaign that encourages patients to share ways in which biomedical research has directly affected and improved the quality of their lives.

He believes people are far more likely to accept direction from those with whom they have established a trusted relationship and that non-scientists are in a position to share the benefits of research and even advocate for science.

He was impressed with his winning idea. This will allow individuals in the public to understand more clearly the value of science and its ultimate benefits for mankind. We are excited to see an MUSC student earn such a prestigious honor this early in his career.

Medical Student Essay Prize, BSDS,

His creativity and vision will be great assets as he continues his medical research career. He completed his first two of four years of medical school then shifted to four years of research.

In June, he defended his doctoral thesis, completing the Ph. His research was focused on the mysterious cell in the brain called a pericyte. I was investigating if these pericytes can regulate blood flow to and from the brain.

He imagines in the future that his time will be split about 80 percent science and 20 percent clinical.

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I enjoy the creativity of it and the writing is actually a factor. That will help him narrow down the area in which he wants to concentrate clinically.

Hartmann is a man of many talents.

Medical student essay competition 2014

He sings and mostly plays the guitar and bass — and the laptop, he said with a laugh, referring to its ability to program in drums and keyboards. He was amazed at how similar writing a song is to writing a science article. They criticize your idea and return their own idea.

His wife Erica is in physician assistant school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They will reunite for good in when they both graduate.

Hartmann found himself in good company when he won the Lasker Award. To be associated in any respect is an honor. I am very excited. I keep up with them and love the work they do. It will be a pleasure to visit them this fall.Get Me Into Medical School are delighted to announce the launch of the Future Medical Student Essay Competition open to everyone applying to medical school.

Getting into a UK medical school can be extremely challenging and it can be difficult to know ways to stand out from the crowd. The Steven M. Sweat Annual College Scholarship Essay Competition Providing $1, Each Year to Help Students Meet the Increasing Costs of Obtaining a Higher Education According to a report published by Bloomberg, college tuition continues to outpace the rate of inflation.

TOPSS Competition for High School Psychology Students. The APA Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) is pleased to announce the winners for the APA TOPSS Competition for High School Psychology Students.

The competition question asked students to submit an essay exploring the current TOPSS Competition. Apr 02,  · Nassau, Bahamas – FirstCare Medical Plan has partnered with R.E.A.C.H.

Bahamas and the Ministry of Education once again to host an essay contest on the topic “Autism in The Bahamas: Inclusion, Advocacy & Dispelling Myths” open to students grades 10 to essay contest and winners Abigail Cline: Ready for a Challenge The winner of the Lasker Essay Contest shares her fascination with the essay contest topic and why she uniquely linked it to the arts, as well as her future plans as a physician and screenwriter.

Each year we run an essay competition for medical students with some excellent essays which you can see below. Student Essay Competition In this year’s Student Essay Competition we asked the students to write an essay of up to words on the following title.

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