John stossel essay contest

Now, perhaps by coincidence, the Democrat-supported Marxists occupying city parks across the country are calling for socialism or whatever nom du jour they want to call it, with whatever coherency they can muster on a given day. Only an idiot or a liar would argue that the Marxist movement is not out to destroy American free enterprise. And, yes, he is a Marxist.

John stossel essay contest

Contest 11 That Works for My Students: Pixabay Each year for the past three years, I have assigned an argument essay contest to my eighth-graders.

Here are some details about the essay contest. Age Range for the Contest: For the contest, 87 essays were awarded a prize out of 2, submitted.

A couple of years ago, I remember the odds being about one in forty. Each year features a different prompt. The contest, which has concluded, was: Natural disasters often bring people together, as they undertake rescue operations and work to rebuild their communities.

People outside the affected communities usually offer additional support.

Stossel In The Classroom Essay Contest

But what about those that see a disaster as a way to make money? How do such laws affect disaster victims? How do they change the incentives of potential suppliers?

The video mentioned in the prompt appears on the website and is easily accessible by students. I usually show students the video up to two or three times so we can discuss it thoroughly. My students are usually engaged with the prompts, which always have a current events theme, which can often veer into the political.

John stossel essay contest

Regardless, the topics always give students something new and complex to think about. They had never considered the nuances present during times of a disaster when people are in desperate need of crucial supplies.

I would say that the best aspect of this contest is the multi-media approach that it provides. There are not many times during the school year when students must watch and listen to videos in order to develop a viewpoint, write a corresponding thesis, and then complete an argument.

In the Missouri Learning Standardsstudents are required to utilize technology, including the Internet, to write and publish their work.

I have ten copies of this book in my room. One year, the contest rules stated that students were required to quote the book at least once, so I ordered a handful from Amazon. Students must also provide a Works Cited page that lists their sources. It gets them ready for high school.

I like that the contest has a minimum as well as a maximum word count, since some of my students will want to write as little as possible if there is no minimum provided.

Mid-February of each year.

John stossel essay contest

Check the rules page for exact dates for This is a little cumbersome, but I know in the past, I have found time to do this at home.

Easily found mentor texts! These are super helpful to show students the level of quality this contest requires. Browse the SITC websitewhich has all the information you need to have your students enter the contest.

I like how students can direct their ideas however they choose to make their argument. While there is a specific prompt, students are free to approach it as they desire.

My students have never placed in this contest. I believe we have entered it for the past three or four years.

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We spend about two weeks of class time working on it. Apparently, we should spend more! Happening during the spring right before we begin preparing for state testing, this essay contest provides a good review of the most difficult type of expository writing: Follow my blog for more contest information.The results of a national essay contest, sponsored by “Stossel in the Classroom” and the Sandra and Lawrence Post Family Foundation, .

The Stossel in the Classroom Essay Contest is open to students between the ages of 12 and To be considered, you must watch John Stossel's video about "price gouging" and write a - to QUOTATIONS, QUOTATIONS, QUOTATIONS Some (possibly) useful quotes and aphorisms and/or links to them.


Breitbart TV is the home of the hottest video on politics, world events, culture, and media. QUOTATIONS, QUOTATIONS, QUOTATIONS Some (possibly) useful quotes and aphorisms and/or links to them. winners chosen in first stossel in the classroom essay contest Stossel in the Classroom announced the winners today of its first student essay contest. The contest was sponsored by the Sandra and Lawrence Post Family Foundation.

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