Go abroad or study at home

Yes there is paperwork and yes there are decisions to make around course selection, housing preferences, dates, travel necessities, registration, budgeting and more. Our staff can walk you through it all.

Go abroad or study at home

Winter programs are a great option for students who fear sitting around at home during the holidays or being a bump on a log.

Why not strike off the conventional path and seek a short-term study abroad program between your awesome fall semester and bound-to-be-awesome spring semester? Choose a j-term programperhaps? And that is completely discounting the folks who are seeking warmer weather during the harsh winter months back home yes!

Pack your bags and study abroad over your winter break. Your best bet for finding the perfect winter study abroad program is to identify early on what you want to accomplish abroad. Do you want an intensive language program, or an opportunity for cultural immersion? Would you prefer to see as many places as possible to get a better feel for a region versus a single city or country?

Here are some of the most popular types of study abroad programs offered during winter break: Talk your favorite professor into hosting a study abroad program for students on your campus!

If you ask early on, you may find out there are already a number of these types of short-term programs available to students at your school. These programs are convenient, as you will have an ease of transferring credit and financial aid to pay for your program. Third Party Provider Programs: Your on campus study abroad advisor will be a great resource for more info on these programs.

Kick your foreign language skills up a notch by doing an intensive language program abroad. You can easily test out of the next level after completing one of these courses.

Go abroad or study at home

Take advantage of the time of year to experience some truly unique cultural events abroad, or Take these suggestions as you will!

Spring Festival, China Um, you have not seen a fireworks show until you have experienced all that is Chinese New Year while living in China. Learn to make dumplings with your homestay family and feel no shame when you scarf down a dozen! It is a wonderful holiday to experience firsthand! With its central European location, it could also be a great hub for ski adventures in Austria, Italy, France, or Switzerland!

The Beaches of Australia Who says that winter study abroad has to be about soaking up all things traditionally cold and blustery? Blow a little dust off your swimsuit, your surf board, your snorkeling gear, your sun screen, your beach towel Just when you were starting to think that study abroad is this perfect, wonderful thing you reach the check out aisle.

Study abroad will be unlike anything that you have experienced so far as a student. You will have the opportunity to experience an entirely new academic system and the chance to take courses that might not be offered on your home campus. Programs Displaying 1 - 15 of Sort by.Study abroad is easy with CIEE!

Scholarships are available for over programs in 41 countries in Asia, Australia, Africa, Latin America, Europe or the Middle East. Study Abroad Office. Home ; ASU Students. Start Here. Why Study Abroad You can still go abroad over spring break, spring semester or post-spring Announcing: New study abroad program term.

Study abroad over Session A or B during the Fall or Spring semester. Discover 15+ programs.

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Discover programs related to your major. Read major. UGA study away programs strive to provide reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

Areas of disability include, but are not limited to visual, hearing, learning, psychological, medical, and mobility impairments. See the world. Morningside College students participate in various foreign study abroad initiativeblog.com programs provide opportunities for extensive travel in addition to regular classroom studies.

While home college approval for continued study can be obtained when you are abroad, it will be much easier to make the necessary arrangements and receive preliminary approval before you leave the U.S. Getting important information about the laws of the land you plan on visiting begins with locating embassies and consulates!

Whether you’re searching for an embassy or consulate in your home country to find information about the destination you plan on traveling to OR you want to know where an embassy or consulate of your home country is located in the destination you’ll be in, we have the.

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