Gender and col

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Gender and col

She was freaking out, and she needed a moment outside her Capitol Hill building in Washington to think about the odd turn her life had taken that day, Dec. Schroer was a dream candidate, a guy out of a Tom Clancy novel: He had been selected to organize and run a new, classified antiterrorism organization, and in that position he had routinely briefed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

He had also briefed Vice President Dick Cheney more than once. Schroer had been an action hero, but he also had the contacts and intellectual dexterity to make him an ideal congressional analyst. But now, about three weeks before Schroer was to begin work at CRS, he told Preece over a Chinese lunch that he had a personal matter to reveal: He would also probably have sex-reassignment surgery.

The first thing Preece remembers blurting out at the time was something along the lines of "Why would you want to do that? Schroer did not get the job. Working with some other Library of Congress officials the next morning, Preece drafted a brief script and then telephoned Schroer.

She told him that the Library worried his transition could imperil his top-secret security clearance; that his appearance in women's clothing could make his contacts in the government less willing to cooperate with him; and that his impending surgeries facial surgery to Gender and col him appear more feminine, possible genital surgeries in the future could distract him from his job.

She thanked Schroer for his honesty and said goodbye.

Gender and col

What Preece did that day became, not surprisingly, the subject of a lawsuit, one that was tried in August in federal court. Judge James Robertson, a Clinton appointee, is expected to rule any day. In deciding whether the Library unlawfully discriminated against Schroer, Robertson will have to rule on a much bigger and more elemental issue: How, if at all, is sex different from gender?

And if you discriminate against a transsexual, is it "sex" discrimination under federal law? On the hot summer day I met Schroer at her Alexandria, Va. In the years since losing the job offer at the Congressional Research Service to a man who was the Library's second choice, Schroer has started her own security consultancy.

Schroer still has powerful allies in the government. One who testified for her at last month's trial is Kalev Sepp, a deputy assistant secretary of defense and a former member of the Iraq Study Group.

Sepp told the court that Schroer is "a person of integrity and complete honesty. Transitioning from one gender to another is a long process, one governed by standards of care that nearly all American medical and psychological professionals follow.

If you want to undergo sex-reassignment surgery in the U. This one-year "real-life experience," which is overseen by a psychotherapist, is designed to ensure that dilettantes give up before having their bodies permanently changed. But Schroer also said nothing in his hours of interviews about the plans to begin his real-life experience.

In court, Diane Schroer explained that she thought such personal information was irrelevant to an interview exploring her professional credentials. But Schroer obviously knew that showing up to work in women's clothes would surprise fellow workers.

Preece felt as though she had been taken advantage of. She also wondered how a man in a dress would be perceived by members of Congress. It's a good question. But Preece apparently failed to make any inquiries to learn the answer.

She did not ask Schroer's references for their reaction to his impending gender transition; if she had, she might have discovered that colleagues like Sepp said they respected Schroer no matter her outward appearance.

Though Preece may well have found many people in the antiterrorism community who would have been unsettled by Schroer's decision to transition, the fact that she did not even try to investigate suggests that she had already made up her mind after her lunch with Schroer.

Indeed, the Library does not deny that it discriminated against Schroer because she was transgendered. The trouble for Schroer is that it's not explicitly illegal to discriminate against the transgendered, because no federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Could that statute help Schroer? Does one's "sex" include being transgendered? Part of his evidence was that thousands of babies are born each year with uncertain sex. They have XY chromosomes but no visible male sex organs. Or they have XX chromosomes but do not appear, outwardly, to be normal girls.The Gender and Sexuality Center offers free sexual health resources such as internal condoms, external condoms, and lubricant.

Come by our center to check out resources, get involved, make new friends, have a quiet place to study, and more! You don't have to be "out" to come in. View Notes - Communication Apprehension and its Relationship to Gender and Col from UNKNOWN a at Malaysia University of Science & Technology.

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