Daily stressors of the human body essay

Support Aeon Donate now A few years ago, my husband was contacted by genealogists tracking descendants of rabbis from the Lithuanian shtetl of Kelm. The impoverished little town was known for its fierce schools of Talmudic learning, or yeshivas; it was a centre of Mussar — a strict system of ethics based on logic and the rigorous practice of mindfulness, a meditative approach to self-reflection and prayer. The massive genealogy we ultimately received by email spanned five continents, 16 generations and almost years of grief. Some 6, Jews had sought refuge behind the fortified walls.

Daily stressors of the human body essay

The Three Treasures — San Bao — are the veritable basis of Chinese medicine and Chinese philosophy — and the essence of the cultivation of Qi and virtue. There is dynamic debate over millennia as to the most profound systems of theory for Qigong Qi cultivationDao Yin guiding and conducting Qi and Yang Sheng nourishing life and Qi.

The Three is the gate — like a portal — between the abstract domains of Wuji and Taiji and the known world of four directions, five phases Wu Xing and the eight essential symbols Ba Gua. The ONE is that non-dual pervasive essence that is never not present — though unseen.

Wuji is likely the infinite and indeterminate field of all possibilities referenced in contemporary physics.

Taiji, too, is relatively ineffable and may be associated with the nearly infinite field of probability in physics. The wave like nature of that which is probable is, according to Quantum Physics, collapsed into the particular the particle, the actual by consciousness.

The Three — San Bao — arises dynamically from Taiji. San Bao is inclusive of our — the humans — most compelling quality, biology — life. The three defines the world as we know it. It is not completely ineffable. While Wuji and Taiji reflect cosmic realms, San Bao includes our local geology, our physical bodies and the energy of emotions and weather.

San Bao is a perspective on the totality which we inhabit. Understanding San Bao, therefore, creates a natural portal to Taiji and Wuji.

The San Bao as a foundation for Qigong and a practical gateway to the profound. We will be exploring the traditional Chinese view of San Bao as it applies to the cultivation of Qi and virtue.

It is interesting to note, before we proceed, that the autonomic nervous system has three states — sympathetic, parasympathetic and the balance of the two — homeostasis.

In terms of pH there are three states for human fluids — generally — acid below 6. This is kind of like Yin and Yang with the balance in between being Taiji.

We will discuss this more thoroughly in Part Two of this article, for now the Three we will explore the most essential treasures of the Chinese view from the perspective of the One, the Two and the Three.

The One is eternally secure. Spontaneous, the One never ceases. Preserve the One, guard Truth and you communicate with the whole Universe.

The One is not hard to know, the difficulty is persistence. Guard the One with no distraction and you are eternally vital. Certainly, functional coherence, which implies inner accord, coordination and harmony of our multidimensional being, is one way to describe health which points to wholeness.

So, what is the best model for wholeness and coherence? The ancient Chinese felt sure that the best model was nature. The foundations of philosophy as well as the practical applications of Chinese medicine and Qigong are firmly rooted in this principle.

The ultimate picture of wholeness is the coordinated, interactive unitary nature of the Universe — the One Supreme Unity Tai Yi. As a prime example of this, a fundamental Qi cultivation method for health improvement and the creation of inner harmony and wholeness is called the Small Heaven Method Xiao Tian.

This practice is based on harmonizing the small heaven of yourself with the larger heaven of the universe and Dao — the One. Few realize that the word Universe, used so often to describe everything everywhere, means one song or one tone. Long before written history the Chinese embraced the idea that all of nature is One and that we can bring ourselves to health and wholeness by emulating the One.

When the very early Chinese explored the One they associated it not so much with a thing, but instead with a universal process of constant transformation.

Somehow they knew that the universe or the cosmos was essentially not a thing but an evolutionary phenomenon. In Qigong your practice, whether it is driven by the commitment to healing disease, empowered living or spiritual peace, the value of the One is supreme.

When you become aware that everything — all things, events, concepts and beings — are connected into one, unitary process it is easier to relax and trust. When all the complexity of life — good and bad news, good and bad days, opportunities and challenges — is perceived as an expression of the One, it is easier to feel safe, relax and stay clear in your practice.

When you relax the Qi is unrestrained. This inner harmony causes the healing of disease, increased stamina for productivity and creative access to spirit. Guarding the One The most advanced levels of Qigong are based on a sincere and consistent association with the One.

At the level of the One you are — and all is — perfect.Human intelligence is the intellectual power of humans, which is marked by complex cognitive feats and high levels of motivation and self-awareness.

Intelligence enables humans to remember descriptions of things and use those descriptions in future behaviors. Published: Mon, 5 Dec Work related stress and burnout turn into a more widespread problem everyday in the American workforce.

Employees and employers face .

Daily stressors of the human body essay

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