Copy paper weight

In general, fine business papers, printer papers and personal stationery range in weight from 20 lb.

Copy paper weight

Types of Paper for Double-Sided Printing by Kristen Bennett Printing on both sides of a piece of paper is beneficial for the environment and your wallet.

While you can use any type of printer paper, some are better suited to handle the amount of ink that double-sided printing generates. They can alleviate the bleed-through that occasionally happens.

Paper Weight Paper weight refers to the thickness Copy paper weight the paper. At most office supply stores, you will find a variety of paper weights. Standard paper weight is 20 pounds. This is the most economical type of paper and is suitable for single-sided color printing or double-sided black and white printing that is not image-heavy.

For double-sided printing that includes colors or images, look for a paper weight that is at least 22 pounds to 24 pounds. For professional documents, such as brochures or business proposals, look for heavyweight paper that is between 28 pounds to to 32 pounds.

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Paper Brightness While you may think that all paper stocks are the same since they are all white, there are actually varying degrees of brightness for paper.

The brighter the paper, the more crisp that your document will appear when you print it. For common double-sided print jobs at home, any paper brightness is acceptable, but if you are printing business documents or color double-sided print jobs, the brighter paper that you use, the better looking your print job will be.

Environmentally Friendly Paper The Forest Stewardship Council FSC sets the standards for paper production and certifies paper brands as being environmentally responsible.

Recycled paper is an ideal option for eco-conscious individuals. While many people think that recycled paper is not as high quality as regular paper, the fact is that, with today's technology, recycled paper is high quality and high performance, making it appropriate for any double-sided printing job.

Acid-Free Paper If you are printing double-sided documents that will need to be preserved or archived over time, the best type of paper to use is acid-free paper. It is manufactured specifically for legal documents and document storage, and the paper will not yellow over time.

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Bennett's work has appeared online at MarketWatch, The Motley Fool and in several internal company publications.Costco Copy and Print Paper, 92 Bright, 20 lb, White, Letter, Sheets.

Basis weight is the weight of one ream of paper ( sheets) when cut to the industry standard for that specific grade of paper. Therefore, the higher the basis weight, the heavier the paper/5(32). Light weights 1: Standard copy paper and some other papers that are just a tiny bit is the weight you’d find in most copiers!

Common weights 20lb text/50lb bond. 75gsm.

Copy paper weight

2: Your typical stationery weight, a bit heavier than your everyday copy paper and thus a bit more when you want to make an impression with news .

Paper Weight Chart: Paper is confusing. There are different types, weights (thicknesses), and sizes. The chart below details the equivalent weights (in pounds) between paper types, as well as notes in the left margin to show when certain types of paper are most appropriate.

Bond paper (16, 20, 24, 28, 32, and 36 pounds): Also known as writing paper, this is the type of paper weight for printer paper and copier paper. In addition to everyday printing, it's most commonly used for letterhead and stationery. Lighter-weight bond paper is ideal for faxes, printing emails, tracing, and use in high-speed copiers.

Copy Paper – Usually a lightweight paper that is used in copy machines also known as reprographic paper, copier paper, dual-purpose, or xerographic’s generally thin with a small amount of transparency.

The grade of the paper is determined by brightness levels which is how light is reflected from the paper.

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