Clothes express character and person

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Clothes express character and person

Words and phrases on one and the same line are NOT synonyms. Height tall, very tall, quite tall; six feet tall; not very tall; short; he is tall; he is taller than his mother; she isn't tall; she isn't as tall as he is; average height; medium height; middle height; he is average height; she is of medium height; she is of middle height.

Clothes express character and person

Weight and Build thin, quite thin, slim, slender; skinny, underweight; a thin girl; she is thin; she is slim; plump, chubby, stout, overweight, obese, fat; a stout woman; he is overweight; medium-build; heavily built; thickset; broad-shouldered; he is medium-build; a slender young girl; a slim figure; a delicate figure; delicate constitution; strong, muscular, athletic; weak, feeble.

Hair dark, black, brown, chestnut, red, auburn; blond, light, fair; Clothes express character and person, gray grey ; a brunette, a brunet; a redhead; a blonde, a blond; a dark-haired man; corn-colored hair; long, short; medium-length; shoulder-length; she has long dark-blond hair; straight, curly, wavy; thick, thinning, bald; she has curly hair; he is bald; shiny, smooth, neatly combed hair; soft, silken hair; lank hair; dull hair; oily hair; greasy hair; tousled hair; disheveled hair; plaits, ponytail; beard, mustache moustache.

Eyes blue, gray greygreen, brown, dark; she has blue eyes; light-blue; dark-gray; grayish-blue; her eyes are dark brown; big eyes; large eyes; bright eyes; expressive eyes; sharp eyes; eyebrows, eyelashes; thick eyebrows; green eyes with dark lashes; nearsighted, shortsighted near-sighted, short-sighted ; blind; eyeglasses, glasses, spectacles, sunglasses; a pair of glasses; he wears glasses.

Age young, middle-aged, elderly, old; grown-up, adult; he is twenty years old; she is in her thirties; he is about forty; a child; a kid; a little boy; a little girl; a five-year-old girl; she is five years old; a teenager; a teenage boy; a teenage girl; a young boy; a young girl; a young man; a young woman; a middle-aged man; an old man.

Character good excellent, fine, strong, firm, weak, bad, terrible, evil character; traits of character; qualities; he has a terrible character; his character is very good; a woman of great character; a man of character; he has no character at all; pleasant friendly, strong, weak, interesting, charismatic personality; she has a friendly personality; he has a lot of personality; she is soft-hearted by nature; it is not in his nature to be rude.

Strong, honest, reliable, hardworking, active, etc. Friendly, kind, polite, patient, humorous, selfish, etc. Other qualities pretentious, self-important, vain, pompous; domineering, oppressive; unpretentious; capricious, wayward, whimsical; mischievous; argumentative, irritable, quarrelsome; critical, exacting, fault-finding; pedantic; docile, dutiful, obedient; disobedient; talkative; glib; noisy; reserved, reticent; laconic; taciturn; silent; secretive; economical, thrifty, frugal, tight, stingy, miserly, greedy; wasteful, prodigal, extravagant; strange, odd, weird, eccentric, crazy; normal, ordinary, regular.

Mind intelligent, wise, clever, smart; sharp, keen, bright, quick, agile; broad-minded; open-minded; narrow-minded; small-minded; absent-minded; a sharp mind; a quick mind; he is intelligent and broad-minded; foolish, silly, stupid, dumb; dull, slow; crazy, insane, mad; he is foolish.

Related phrases and examples in sentences What does she look like? She is young and good-looking, with dark eyes and long red hair. He is tall and thin, with brown hair.

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He is twenty-five years old. She is average height, dark-haired, quite thin, and wears glasses. She is of medium height, with straight black hair and brown eyes.

He is old, short, medium-build, with gray hair and a beard. She has dark eyes, wavy blond hair, and a nice figure. He is a handsome middle-aged man. She is a pretty young girl. How do I look? What is he like? He is friendly and dependable. He is interesting and amusing.

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He is smart and honest. He also has a good sense of humor. She is careless and lazy. You can't depend on her. She is serious, organized, hardworking, and tough. He is old, sick, and lonely.

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She is a nice clever girl. His character is terrible."A person's treatment of money is the most decisive test of his character, how they make it and how they spend it." James Moffatt "The most vital test of a man?s character is not how he behaves after success, but how he sustains defeat.".

Someone who is a “stickler for [something]” is a person who strongly insists on that quality or behavior, and wants or expects other people to maintain the same standard.

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Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample According to some people / a few people, the external appearance and dressing style of a person can reflect their cultural values and personality traits.

Personally, I disagree with the opinion that the choice of clothing should be used to deduce the character of a person. Express Yourself Through Your Clothing As we pass through life we start to realize that people, including us, have a tendency of becoming more and more common.

We give up the things that make us special and unique so we can be plain and common for reasons I am sure we do not even understand.

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