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Birch paper company

He wanted to be the Lenin.

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Among those delivering papers on how the fringe movement could obtain genuine power was Charles Koch. The papers are striking in their radicalism, their disdain for the public and their belief in the necessity of political subterfuge.

His assessment was clear-eyed and businesslike. Interestingly, Charles would go on to issue stock in his own nonprofit think tank, the Cato Institute, in much the same way. But he also found much to admire.

David became a lavish supporter of the arts in New York and appeared regularly in the society pages. Charles, meanwhile, kept a lower profile but assiduously invited sympathetic members of the media to his donor summits, such as the talk radio host Glenn Beck, the Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer and the National Review columnist Ramesh Ponnuru.

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Two of the top donors in the Koch network owned their own news outlets. The Kochs seriously considered buying the Tribune Company intoo. In support of building their own youth movement, another speaker, the libertarian historian Leonard Liggio, cited the success of the Nazi model. Like the Nazis, he suggested, libertarians should organize university students to create group identity.

He suggested that libertarians needed to mobilize youthful cadres by influencing academia in new ways.

Instead, he advocated funding private institutes within prestigious universities, where donors could exert influence over hiring decisions and other academic matters while hiding the radicalism of their aims. This is the method that Charles Koch would soon practice in his charitable giving, and later in his political actions.

Birch paper company

Jane Mayer is a staff writer for the New Yorker. This article has been adapted from her latest book, Dark Money: This article tagged under:The current weather is very cold and predicted to stay that way, with snow in the forecast for at least one or two days a week for the next four weeks.

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