An argument in favor of unions and how they help the the working class by creating safer workplace a

Share Employers and workers seem to approach employment from vastly different perspectives. So how can the two sides reach an agreement? The answer lies in unions. Unions have played a role in the worker-employer dialogue for centuries, but in the last few decades, many aspects of the business environment have changed.

An argument in favor of unions and how they help the the working class by creating safer workplace a

Unions make the country less competitive since non-unionized companies in India, China, Taiwan, etc. Saddling an American company with an unrealistic and inflexible labor cost per hour effectively makes it impossible for some companies to compete. For example, American automakers now must pay two-three times that of automakers in Japanmostly because of union-required wages and benefits.

Unions often prevent more qualified workers from getting the jobs. Less proficient workers are often protected from layoffs or firing; thus, new positions open less frequently.

Union contracts and protections often tie managements hands when it comes to replacing workers. Consider one of the most obvious examples--teachers. Teaching unions and the "tenure" system keep many poorly performing professors on the job far too long.

This is only one of the reasons, despite leading the world in educational investment dollars, the U. On a lesser scale, the inability to replace less proficient workers hurts the U. Society and companies are often held hostage to the essential services of certain unions e.

Certain unions yield way more power than that of shutting down for-profit production. That is, they can hurt society as a whole if they stop working. Imagine major highways under construction being shut down by striking workers.

Imagine the crime and rioting if police walked off the job. Imagine all air traffic coming to a halt if controllers held out for more pay. Companies or government offices have little choice but to concede to the demands, or society as a whole suffers the consequences.

An argument in favor of unions and how they help the the working class by creating safer workplace a

And who do you think the media will portray as the "victim" and the "evil, greedy" sides? In other words, responsible government officials or managers trying to keep their businesses from collapsing are the ones blamed, regardless of the cause or outcome, adding even more fire to the extortion racket.

This is one key reason of many why government spending all over the world is completely out of control and unsustainable.

However, in the 21st century, unions have become outdated, burdensome, and unnecessary. Consider all the laws that protect workers: Ask any human resources professional of any business of significant size if they have controls in place to prevent possible lawsuits.

Lastly, corporations must also worry about their reputation. If their company gets a reputation as a sweat shop, as discriminatory, as greedy profiteers, etc. Management is smart enough to know that happy workers lead to more productivity and better sales.

Unions lead to job losses to India, China, and other overseas companies. Non-union shops have a major cost advantage in hiring. Due to lower standards of living and higher unemployment, many overseas companies are starting to take jobs from America, Europe, and Japan.

Average hourly wages in India and China are already percent that of most Western Nationsand union-enforced wage floors only make matters worse. No wonder China and India are growing so quickly!

What Are Unions?

The high costs of hiring and maintaining unionized employees often simply becomes a deterrent to hiring. Despite economic recovery in andhiring remains slow in America, in large part due to the high cost of bringing on new workers. Unions have become a source of political power and corruption.

Since unions can offer a large block of voters, politicians will often curry favor from unions and screw over the taxpayers. Union leaders have the ability to convince their members to support certain candidates, as well as the organization structure to get groups of voters to booths on election day.

Thus, certain politicians go out of their way to court unions. As an example, consider recent union exemptions in the health care bill.Why Unions Are Bad For Companies, Employees and Customers.

by Michael Haberman on June 25, · 86 comments. Why Unions Are Bad For Companies, Employees and Customers ; They’re not. Simple fact. Not argument or “brainwashing”. Unions . they are greedy and selfish What is one benefit for US workers who have a college degree rather than a high school diploma?


Those with a college degree earn nearly twice as much as those without college. Our schools need teachers unions as much today as they ever have. Once upon a time, labor unions enjoyed a fair amount of political legitimacy among both the public and political elites.

The battle therefore is not over for the working class. They must not be overcautious about the existence of laws that will protect them against abuses by their employers. If you need help we will prepare a well-written Essay on Pros and Cons of Labor Unions at very affordable costs starting at $/page.

Essay on Arguments in Favor of. The creativity argument suggests that more diverse organizations will be more competitive because they will a. be better able to understand different market segments. b. be characterized by multiple perspectives and ways of thinking. The main argument against labour unions is that they make society as a whole much too prosperous and enable working class people to live decent lives as full citizens rather than grovelling proles squabbling with each other for the scraps from the master's table.

Unions: Do They Help Or Hurt Workers?