An analysis of ford motor company

A SWOT analysis identifies the strengths that a firm can use to overcome its weaknesses, exploit opportunities, and address threats. This SWOT analysis of Ford Motor Company illustrates that the firm is capable of addressing the internal and external factors in its business. This part of the SWOT analysis presents the organizational characteristics internal strategic factors that support business effectiveness.

An analysis of ford motor company

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April Learn how and when to remove this template message InHenry Ford negotiated a deal with the government of Brazil for a plot of land in the Amazon Rainforest. There, Ford attempted to cultivate rubber for use in the company's automobiles. After considerable labor unrest, social experimentation, and a failure to produce rubber, and after the invention of synthetic rubberthe settlement was sold in and abandoned.

The Great Depression[ edit ] During the great depressionFord in common with other manufacturers, responded to the collapse in motor sales by reducing the scale of their operations and laying off workers. Although Ford did assist a small number of distressed families with loans and parcels of land to work, the majority of the thousands of unskilled workers who were laid off were left to cope on their own.

However, Henry Ford angered many by making public statements that the unemployed should do more to find work for themselves. On March 7, some 3, - 5, unemployed workers assembled in West Detroit to march on Ford's River Rouge plant to deliver a petition demanding more support.

As the march moved up Miller Road and approached Gate 3 the protest turned ugly. The police fired tear gas into the crowd and fire trucks were used to soak the protesters with icy water. When the protesters responded by throwing rocks, the violence escalated rapidly and culminated in the police and plant security guards firing live rounds through the gates of the plant at the unarmed protesters.

Four men were killed outright and a fifth died later in the hospital. Up to 60 more were seriously injured. A few American workers stayed on after the plant's completion, and eventually became victims of Stalin's Great Terroreither shot [23] or exiled to Soviet gulags.

Both these Ford models were immediately adopted for military use. By the late s production at Gorki was 80, "Russian Ford" vehicles per year.

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With its original Ford-designed vehicles supplemented by imports and domestic copies of imported equipment, the Gorki operations eventually produced a range of automobiles, trucks, and military vehicles. Ford insisted that peaceful trade was the best way to avoid war. Ford had a subsidiary in Germany.

Ina Ford executive visiting Germany was informed by a Nazi official that Ford's Cologne plant manager was a Jew he had one grandparent who was Jewishprompting discussions at Ford offices in both Germany and the U.DEARBORN, Mich., Oct.

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Statement of Comprehensive Income. Comprehensive income is the change in equity (net assets) of Ford Motor Co.

An analysis of ford motor company

during a period from transactions and other events and . The cash flow statement provides information about Ford Motor Co.'s cash receipts and cash payments during an accounting period, showing how these cash flaws link the ending cash balance to the beginning balance shown on Ford Motor Co.'s statement of financial position.

How many cars does Ford sell a year? Discover all relevant statistics and facts on the Ford Motor Company now on! A SWOT Analysis of Ford Motor Company Stock A full review of Ford Motor Company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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