Airline game report on the simulation

Teams will need to analyze their position, their potential and make assertions about what direction they will take their company. They will enact that strategy through the following decisions: Set the promotion and advertising budget as well as hire and fire sales people.

Airline game report on the simulation

The existing company was at a crossroads and was in desperate need of decisive decision makers and a decisive strategy. Atlas Airways have grown exponentially over the last 8 quarters and within this report we hope to outline how and why this was possible.

The environment in which the company currently resides is facing increased competition however there does exist viable opportunities for growth in serving new routes.

The current situation had been described as a crossroads in which there exists credible potential in expansion of markets. A lack of capital and unsuitable aircraft represented significant obstacles.

As a result a key challenge for our management team was to craft a successful expansion in terms of routes, fleet and service quality while remaining conscious of our lack of working capital.

In terms of strategic choices made by our management team we attempted to make each decision in accordance with our set out business objectives which you will see later in this report.

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Each strategic decision throughout the our management of Atlas Airways was made to optimise our chances of building a successful airline exhibiting the most complete service in the industry in terms of quality and reliability. The only restriction placed on this investment was to do so without compromising on sustainable profits.

Contained in this report you will find details of our initial strategic plan the strategic tools used to develop it. Following this we will outline our airlines mission, vision and business objectives. Our report will then discuss an evaluation of how our decisions aligned to this strategy and we will focus in on decisions made in specific aspects of the business.

Interpretive Simulations

Finally this report will outline our financial performance over the 8 quarters in addition to an evaluation of team performance and our lessons learned. To give a brief outline of our performance, please refer to our appendix which outlines gross profits, revenues, stock price etc.

In terms of our final position Atlas Airways exhibited consistent profits over the two year period with the exception of Q4 and finished as the 3rd most profitable airline in our industry.

In terms of the future direction for Atlas Airways we feel that our performance over the last two years will enable future management the perfect platform with which to launch a luxurious airline into worldwide markets. Our service quality and reliability was highest in our industry and with these service offerings in addition to a substantial cashflow and enormous lines of credit available we feel there is no reason why our airline cannot dominate the high end market in the future.

Airline game report on the simulation

Inherited Strategy With the company at a crossroads in terms of expansion potential yet a lack of necessary resources to capitalise we felt it prudent to conduct both SWOT, PESTLE and analyses to better determine our strategy in moving forward and these can be seen in the appendix.

It is important to note that in conducting a SWOT analysis it is imperative that action is taken using insights derived. Again these can be seen in Fig 1. With the help of these strategic tools we would form a logical basis for our strategy in moving Atlas Airways forward.

Our Initial Plan In utilising the various analyses techniques available to us to formulate our strategy we collectively agreed to pursue a differentiation strategy for Atlas Airways.

Such was the level of opportunity present in expansion following our SWOT analysis we collectively felt avenue the most suitable to pursue in eliminating cyclical profit trends and facilitating real growth.

A differentiation strategy is fundamentally linked to our core competencies and in order for us to create a sustainable competitive advantage it became clear that our strategy must be driven towards improving these core competencies.

We knew that creating unique differentiation through improving our core competencies would take substantial investment but also time.Free 7-day trial of AirwaySim. Try the simulation for free for a week without any cost! This is an easy sandbox style game world aimed for beginner players at AirwaySim and also for other players who wish to experiment different tactics in a shorter game world.

The most important part of a simulation is experiencing the outcomes of decisions that they would not otherwise experience without the simulation. Good or bad, students gain an understanding of the consequences of their decisions and are empowered by the results they generate.

View Essay - Airline Simulation Report from MGMT at University of New Mexico. Corporate Success As we start off the simulation in quarter 0, our reliability is set at 92, quality at 68 and stock%(40).

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